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A Lady By The Name Ada Uburu Has Called Off Her Wedding Over Domestic Abuse

Ada Uburu, has called off her marriage to one David Okike, scheduled to take place on Saturday April 16th 2022.

Uburu made the announcement on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

She said, “I never wanted to bring this here but I have to, I am a type of person who likes to keep my relationship away from social media but this is for clarification purposes.

“This was my secondary school classmate, who I thought I knew to an extent. On December 28, 2020, he did the 1st and 2nd stages in my family marriage list which bride price happened to be on the 2nd stage which he paid. After he paid my bride price, he started maltreating me.

“2021 was hell for me that at some point I left home. After everything, we settled around November 2021 and he promised he will never beat me again. But still, nothing CHANGED.

“This is my reason why I am CALLING OFF the Traditional Marriage (Igba Ngwu) and White Wedding ceremony between me and DAVID OKIKE OFF. (Beating me was not part of the agreement in our marriage).”

She alleged that Okike beat her in the presence of his mum, sisters and neighbours last Monday and threatened her with a cutlass from his mother’s kitchen.

Source: Ada Uburu

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