APC Primaries: Comrade Deji Adeyanju Calls Asiwaju Tinubu a Double Face

My attention has been drawn to a statement credited to the All Progressive Congress Leader and former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, where he called on the APC leaders to adhere to “democratic principles” in picking its presidential candidate, as against adopting a consensus candidate.

It is indeed laughable that such a statement is coming from Bola Tinubu whose stock in trade is the imposition of candidates across the length and breadth of Lagos State. In fact, Bola Tinubu and democratic principles cannot and should not be mentioned in one sentence. For over two decades, Bola Tinubu has moved around Lagos State political scene like a colossus. He determines who gets what, when and how. First, he changed his deputy governors like he changed his briefs. Furthermore, he moved to deny former governor Babatunde Fashola a second term in office. But for the latter’s outstanding performance, Tinubu would have succeeded in denying him a second term in office. Former governor Ambode was not so lucky as Tinubu ensured that he was denied a second term in office because he allegedly refused to accede to the Godfather’s numerous demands. We must not forget the fact that Tinubu’s wife is a three time senator in Lagos state, while his son is being prepared to become the Governor of the state after he was put in-charge of major revenue generation platforms in the state. What manner of democratic principles can be ascribed to Tinubu in view of the foregoing? None!!!

Tinubu, therefore, lacks the moral credentials to demand for a level playing field at the upcoming APC presidential primaries, when he has failed and or refused to provide a level playing field in Lagos. Unfortunately, the chicken has come home to roost and it appears that more astute maradonic elements in the APC are bent on repeating the consensus arrangement that played out during the recently concluded APC’s national convention. If this eventually becomes the case and Tinubu is schemed out of the race, there will be no tears for the Mayor and god of Lagos. It will only be a matter of the law of Karma playing out. Afterall, numerous people have seen their political career cut short in the hands of the Lagos strong man. For once, he stands the risk of tasting his own medicine. We can only confirm the efficacy of the medicine after the APC’s primaries is done and dusted.

Unfortunately for Tinubu, all evidence points to the fact that the equally undemocratic General Muhammadu Buhari is going to endorse a relatively unknown candidate and ask every other candidate, including Tinubu, to support his candidate. For a man who is quick to regale us with stories of how he has a life long ambition to become the president of Nigeria, I wonder what will be his fate when the old fox in Aso Rock shows his hand and imposes a different candidate.

This, therefore, brings to the fore, the need to build strong democratic institutions, as against concentrating all political powers in the hands of one godfather. Perhaps, if Tinubu had allowed democracy to thrive in Lagos, it would have been a spring board to demand for equity and fairness in the upcoming APC’s presidential primaries. But alas, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands!

Tinubu must, therefore take heed, lest, he loses his grip on the home front while chasing shadows in the family meeting!

Comrade Deji Adeyanju LLB (Hons)

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