Deeper Life Member Writes Open Letter To Pastor Kumuyi For Inviting Nathaniel Bassey, Dunsin Oyekan

A member of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Prince Dele Banjo has written an open letter to the founder of the church, Pastor WF Kumuyi concerning the introduction of “unconventional” practices to the church.

In the letter which is posted on his Facebook page, Banjo faulted the rationale behind the invitation of “external musicians” like Nathaniel Bassey, Dunsin Oyekan, Paul Baloche and others, as it may confuse the Deeper Life members, who have been raised on the doctrine of holiness and righteousness.

Part of his open letter read, “We have evidence that proves that the external musicians you invited to Deeper Life have in one way or the other contradicted the modesty and holiness principle of Deeper Christian Life Ministry.

“The evidence is simply that the band members and backup singers of musicians like Nathaniel Bassey, Don Moen, Collin McDowell, Paul Baloche and the rest do not dress and present themselves according to Deeper Life principles.
The band members and backup singers of these musicians you have invited to Deeper Life do not dress modestly, instead, they are with immodest hair, earrings, dyed hair, blue hair, green hair, gold hair, pink hair, nose rings, lip rings, ripped jeans, tattoos and the rest.

“Dear Sir, may I ask you a question? Have you watched all the music videos and stage performances of these musicians that you are inviting to Deeper Life?”

Pastor Kumuyi had recently invited some musical artistes and business personalities to the church for a youth summit and dismissed outrage at the invitation, saying members of his congregation can learn from them

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