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Nation Building: Managing The Economy, The Citizens And Conflict – Dr. Tahir Alkenanah

Conflict is a phenomenon that is inevitable in our lives as humans, and in every progressive society. When civil conflict is high, economic development is often very elusive.

Most progressive and civilized societies of the world faces conflict evolution on the go as they evolve. However, between the government and the governed, there is a gap only mutual understanding can close; that is, sacrifice and compromise from both ends.

When there is no understanding and there is conflict, it endangers economic growth, development and the overall standard of living. We must learn as leaders, to manage the now and future of governance, demystify the intrigues thereof and be transparently in sync with the people who are the electorate.
Also, to provide a pedestal where the people can thrive in their daily endeavors in trying to achieve a livelihood. It is on this premise the administration of his Excellency Dr Addullahi Umar Ganduje OFR, the Executive Governor has anchored the strides of Kano state commercial activities that has been able to foster a consistent streak right from the inception, in 2015.

The extent to which the enthusiasm of citizens spirit in entrepreneurship can exist is through the society, culture, and leveraging on government’s provision of a level-playing field.

Now, when we juxtapose this with the great work and responsibility that is before us at the Urban Beautification and Landscaping Agency, it gives us the will to further consolidate on the fundamentals the agency is set up for. In doing this, we must have mutual understanding with the people and certain level of compromises, as stake holders of democracy.

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