Former Member Of US Rap Group KID ‘N PLAY (KID), Turns 59 Today

Born Christopher Reid April 5, 1964, popularly known as ‘KID’ shortened from his original MC name, Kid Coolout.

He’s an American actor, comedian and former rapper in the defunct group, KID ‘N PLAY.

Christopher Reid aka KID

During the peak of his career with the rap duo KID ‘N PLAY with partner Christopher Martin, Reid was notable for his attractive and unique hi-top fade haircut. The group was among top groups like Naughty By Nature, Kriss Kross, ABC, TLC etc.

“KID” is also most known for his role in the movies House party (1990), House Party 2(1991), Class Act(1992), House Party 3(1994).

Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin (Kid ‘n Play)
Kid ‘n Play in the 90’s

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