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A $1000 To Anyone Who Can Identify Authors Attributing Fake News To Me – Wole Soyinka

In an interview session with the Nobel laureate this morning April 5, 2023 on Arise TV, Prof. Wole Soyinka touched on many issues bedeviling Nigeria as a nation.

Speaking about the just concluded general elections; the flaws, the lessons learnt, and he also called for caution on the side of every stake holder.
He had to deviate a bit from the topic as he took permission from his host to make the announcement of offering a $1000 to anyone who can point out any author of some fake news flying around in the past 6months about he’s position about issues.

He practically find it absurd for people to be misleading the public with fakes news and on the contrary such lies are believed by the public which certainly have consequence.

The renown academician talked tough on the show, even when asked about the controversial interview of Sen. Datti Baba Ahmed, the Vice Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Prof Soyinka condemn every bit of that interview.

He stated that Datti Baba Ahmed went too far with his utterances because he can’t be threatening the Supreme Court of the land which is the final arbiter. Already preempting the courts on the matter at hand, for it must go their way, Prof Soyinka said he refused to be part of such.

In the same breathe when asked about how he will sum up President Buhari’s government? He said it will be a waste of intellectual discourse because if he was planning to leave a legacy, the Naira Redesign policy has eroded that.

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