NFF Election: Video, 10 Reasons Why Adam Mouktar Is The Best Man Ready For The Job (II)

FCT FA chairman, Adam Mouktar is here to disrupt the usual; a break from the norm with fresh ideas, charting a new course and raising the dike, even when the stakes are high he has refused to be among the crowd.

He says what he means and means what he says. MR TALK AND DO, in a generation of accountable stewardship deficit, where leaders only talk for the fun of it, Adam is working his talk.

In conclusion to our 10 reasons why Adam Mouktar is the best man ready for the job both mentally, physically and psychologically, we bring you the remaining six.

  • Mr Talk and Do – as the FCT FA chairman, Adam Mouktar has done everything he promised to do as a result of his chairmanship. He has made FCT better than he met it.
    Here is one major feat, a video of one of the facilities built below,..

  • He’s An Astute Administrator – Adam Mouktar is a very detailed person because he pays attention to those little things that a lot of people don’t think matters. His mental acumen is a plus to the NFF which can be seen and felt by his communication. It is said that ‘you can’t give what you don’t have.’
  • He’s a Limit Breaker – he does not consider the impossible when pushing for achievements and his set target. With a meritorious mindset once he says I want this done he automatically becomes the work himself and must see to it end.
  • A Bona fide Grassroot Developer – Adam Mouktar is one name too many on the lips of many young Nigerians, from Kano, Jigawa, FCT and in far away Europe and every other parts of the world. He has touched the grassroot so well, maybe we should do an exposé on this topic alone!
  • A Natural Leader – leadership with vision and direction is one of his hallmark. He is a striker who don’t miss the goal post at shot. He simply has the magic wand to transform things as the head. A detribalized leader who give ears to all those who come across his path.
    And most of all..
  • His Mentality – he behaves like a white man.. If a person saddled with any responsibility must succeed, it begins from his or her mentality and Mouktar has his in an optimal capacity.

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