The Project G&G: Gawuna, Garo Simply Means Good Governance – Dr. Abdallah Tahir Alkenanah

When we say Gawuna Garo means ‘Good Governance’ (G&G), we are actually talking about it practicability because the concept of Good Governance is taken from that of governance, which means there must be governance before talking about ‘Good Governance’.

Every society that must move forward there are set of rules and norms and whoever oversees that society must administers it according to those societal set rules and norms.
Now, this is where Gawuna comes in, he’s a man who has learned over the years what it takes to govern because governance must be about focus; projection, good administration in delivering dividends of governance to the people, especially in a true democratic settings.

Good governance, therefore, becomes a standard for measuring the achievements that a governor meets in the target set for him by the people. This is to lay the foundation on the kind of administrator that Gawuna is, as we delve into analyzing him subsequently, it’s also imperative to tell you why he has the kind of deputy he has in the person of Garo.

Gawuna Garo duo will definitely deliver to kano people governance with an unprecedented successes never attained yet in the history of kano. They are coming at such a time as this to consolidate on the successes recorded by the administration H.E Dr. Umar Abdullahi Ganduje OFR, the executive Governorof kano and to take it to higher heights.

Government is a continuum, because you build on legacies and sustain them for the generation unborn, for posterity and the people who governance is made for at the end of it all.

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