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The Transformational Leadership Of Abdallah Alkenanah DG Kano Urban Beautification Agency

One hallmark of a good leader is, ‘making your environment better than the way you met it.’ Its a new dawn in kano as the quality of youthful leadership of Abdallah Ahmad Tahir Alkenanah is a pointer to the future and what is to come.
Prior to this time, before the emergence of the Director General of kano state Urban Beautification and Landscaping, we hardly hear of that agency. But now, there is a face to the beauty we see all around the kano metropolis. ‘You can’t give what you don’t have’, a statement that has proven to be true over time..

DG Alkenanah arriving at the site

The quality of projects Alkenanah is delivering is an attestation to this fact. Not just that, he sees to it that its not done haphazardly. In fact he’s always on ground to personally oversee things for himself as a good steward that he is, transparently and accountably discharging his duty.

This is one quality that is allegedly said to be lacking in the demeanor of our youths who are currently holding political offices of some sort and in the discharge of their responsibilities.

Giving instructions as it should be
Always eager to deliver
He’s fully on ground

Abdallah Alkenanah is a breath of fresh air judging by his mannerisms, tenacity, which one could simply interpret as ‘let’s get to work!’ Ever ready to deliver, always on the go.. He has created a good working environment for those around and in the agency to be able to express themselves both young and old alike, however the focus to deliver is not deterred.

Men at work

A dependable ally who is always committed to see things improve in the Urban Beautification and Landscaping Agency and by extension kano state. If we are to mark his score card by percentage you will agree with me that 70% is not out of place which is a distinction already.

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