Veteran Journalist Babajide Kolade-Otitoju Of TVC Visited Nigerian Troops In Borno To Cheer Them Up

Babajide Kolade-Otitoju is a seasoned journalist, an editor for many years now, he’s one of the co-host of popular TV show ‘Journalist Hangout’ on Television Continental (TVC). He endeared himself in the heart of many Nigerians with his exclusive reportage.. His visit to Borno state is one of them and he titled it ‘A Day With The Tucano Bombers’ enjoy…


People have often asked me the question: What are Tucanos doing, especially when we suffer a setback in the war on terror? Setbacks are normal especially in this kind of warfare.

But the A-29 Tucano jets are doing a fantastic job. As I have done every year since 2016, once again I have gone to the northeast to see how our troops are doing, know their problems and ginger them in my own little way. The troops are always excited to receive me.

This year I have focussed on the game-changing contributions of the Tucano bombers, the most modern and precision-based platform of the Nigerian Air force. I spoke with pilots, air force Generals and got really close and personal with the Tucanos. I witnessed departures from the flight line for bombing missions in the problematic Borno North armed with its famous 250-pound bombs. It’s so reveling

Watch out for my report on this in January on Journalists Hangout. Don’t miss it.”

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