Chris Brown Has Lashed Out On The Hypocrisy Of The US Music Industry

US R&B singer and dancer Chris Brown has come for the American music industry hypocrisy which he suffered from as a teenager some 16 years ago. Chris and Rihanna use to be dating but peer pressure played a major role in that relationship which caused them dearly.

Physical assault from Chris to Rihanna was not taken lightly by the music industry and government of the United States. At last they went their separate ways by the help of many even after Chris had been convicted for the crime.

He has constantly come under criticism, labeled and demonized by that youthful part of his life up until till this day but these people have refused to see same problem with Blueface and Chrisean.

Below is what Chris posted..

“If y’all still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17year old please kiss my whole entire ass!

I’m fucking 33! I’m so tired of Y’all running with this narrative.. You weird ass Niggas are the same ones that tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat the fuck out each other in front the world but that’s Ok?
It’s entertainment?
All Y’all can suck my dick disrespectfully!”

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