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Nation Building: Ideological Decisiveness Is What Builds A Nation Majorly – Dr. Tahir Ahmad Alkenanah

Ideology is the science of ideas, way of life, political and other form of believes. It is futuristic and meant to bring changes to the present conditions of the society in the now, and in future.

As humans, our ideologies are different, it could be economic, religious or cultural but it must be galvanized in harmony if we must make deliberate progress.

Ideologies are very useful to individuals, groups and nations because it helps our interrelationship. The world currently is contending with ideological superiority in which technology is one major aspect.

Looking at Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth with about over 200million people and a youthful strength of over 70 percent of it population, is aligning itself to be a major player in the world. We maybe a developing nation but we are rising fast because our young people are taking advantage of technology and making a statement in the world despite our enormous challenges.

kano state as one example; the ideological strength, prevailing against the odds, and rising above primordial sentiments of our leader and political driver His Excellency Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR is in sync. He has that strong and decisive character as to what he sets out to achieve. He’s one leader who is futuristic because his government is youth-driven and they are given the platform to showcase their creative abilities in an unprecedented manner. He has spent over 5billion on skill acquisition centres for the youths, remarkable!

So, it means decisive ideology to build a strong nation must be people oriented, youth-driven and have plans for future alignments to create that balanced society to foster growth, development and technological advanced nation in a modern world.

The Urban Beautification and Landscaping Agency (KASUBA) is fully committed and running with the vision (ideology) as we soar on the Governor’s eagle wings!

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