Celebrating An Icon As She Turns 53 Today, Weird MC Nigeria’s First Female Rapper

Nigeria’s first female rapper Weird MC, even though there’s neither male nor female in the game only MC’s is a phenomenal and unique artist worthy of celebration.

A native of Ogun State, born Adesola Adesimbo Idowu on 9 July 1970, she’s a Nigerian-British rapper, songwriter, and producer. Weird is Known for her English/Yoruba lyrics.

As Africa’s most popular female rapper and one of the few Nigerian female artists, Weird MC is associated with modern Afrobeat and part of hip-hop pioneers in Nigeria. Her first major hit was in 1997 (Allen Avenue) and would later crown it with (Ijo Ya) in 2005 which shook the music industry the release of the animated video.

She attended Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School, Lagos, where she made friends with four other girls with whom she formed the hip-hop group Weirdos. Despite their popularity on the campus then, the group didn’t get any record deal and was later disbanded.

Idowu (Weird MC) subsequently gained admission into Ogun State University to study Law, although she left after a year to focus on her music career and later gained a qualification in Music Technology.

We celebrate her achievement today as she turns 53.
Happy birthday Idowu Adeshola Adesimbo AKA Weird MC!

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